AUTOMATION TESTER (JLPT N2) Mã tuyển dụng:31010

Mô tả công ty We focus on digital transformation for the Japanese construction industry and beyond, the global construction industry.

Loại công việc Công nghệ thông tin - IT
Nội dung công việc Improving product quality and check the operation of the program as a tester.


- Review the develop system is made as requested, and improve instructions for engineers and designers

- Communicate with the project stakeholders to push product development.

- Confirm that the operation is as expected and report the operation result 

- Pointing out bugs, etc.
Kỹ năng cần thiết  MUST

- Business level Japanese skills (equivalent to N2~N1).

- Experience as tester; Not only test according to the test specifications, but also possible to check whether what is required in business is realized by software.

- Experience in other roles such as BA, BrSE, PM... Can work independently to list up tasks after receiving Change Requests or after finding bugs; assign these tasks to engineers and check the progress.

- Able to propose system improvements based on experience. In cases where the system only has requirements and detailed documentation has not been provided, still can follow up and execute test.


- Can adopt the client's perspective to identify issues and envision the desired behavior in an Agile development context, while confirming the functionality of the application under development without detailed specifications; then convert these improvements into tasks.

- Review meeting videos between the client and the project manager to organize client requests and convert them into tasks.

- Experience in testing systems by C#, Revit; or having construction industry knowledge.

- Experience of checking code written by engineers with software such as sourcetree.

- Test experience in agile development.

- Experience with test process improvement measures.

- Experience with defect analysis and improvement measures.

- Have related qualifications (JSTQB Certified Test Engineer Qualification, Software Quality Engineer Qualification, QC Test, IT Verification Engineer Qualification Test, etc.).

- Programming experience.

- Experience involved in starting a new project.
Ngoại ngữ (1) Tiếng Nhật:Trung cấp kinh doanh
Ngoại ngữ (2)
Nơi làm việc TP HCM,Hà Nội
Mức lương 15,000,000 ~ 35,000,000 VND
Ghi chú Vui lòng gửi CV tiếng Nhật
Ngày đăng 09/10/2023
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