Our business goals are to make the business of companies that invest in Viet Nam more successful and to minimize risks.

With regard to recruitment service, Our company guarantees that it does not arise any other service fees after 60 days of starting work. In order to minimize the risks from candidates, we always proud of our service about replacing candidates with high success rate. About service charge, we do not set minimum fee like others that have same service. Besides, by appreciating candidate’s abilities and considering wage level, our company believes that we can introduce potential candidates with appropriate wages in the future.

About the other consulting services, we will be your “companion” with explaining the policies and labor laws in Viet Nam clearly if you do not know about it.

We understand the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates as well as understand the differences between Vietnam and others, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about recruitment, human resource management in Vietnam.

Thank you very much!

Company Information

Company name TG VINA ARKS CO., LTD.
Address Room 10.02, 10th Floor, LANT Building, 56-58-60 Hai Ba Trung Street,
Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
TEL +84-28-3827-7550

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Business Content

Towards almost company which invest in Vietnam.


No charge until the 60th of participation
We will consider your success together.
We will use best service in Vietnam to minimize the cost as well as risks.

Such as Vietnamese Staff Recruitment, temporary job and other.

TG VINA ARKS feature is supplying recruitment services for corporation.

  • 1.Payment date is 60 days after candidate start working at company.

    Adopted candidate stop working within 60 days probation time with any reason, the fee won’t be occurred.

  • 2.Professional Service

    Prior to introducing personnel into the business, the interview will be conducted at TG VINA ARKS. Because interviewing only the candidates that businesses want, can save time and effort of recruiting personnel.

  • 3.Highly accurate matching

    We will conduct a preliminary interview at our company and introduce only those who passed, so you can save time and effort at your company.

  • 4.Proper advice based on information

    We will advise on favorite based on the latest information we have, such as employment plan, organization organization, wage exchange rate.

  • 5.Responsible for internal security

    Things like recruiting key staff, resources in the company, the reception or interview will use the interview room of our company.

Labor consultant

Payroll, Work permit, labor rule, personnel evaluation,…

  • We give appropriate advices base on our understanding about Vietnamese people. Information is confidential and easy to understand.


Such as Translator, Interpreter, payroll, social insurance, business and office procedure…

  • Sometime there are some work that customer don’t need staff or don’t want other Vietnamese staff in company know, or they need temporary staff when they're busy in short time, they can use our service.

Towards Customer who need Vietnamese work at Japan

Trainee, Engineer at Japan

Take Vietnamese Engineer to Japan. Support accommodation for trainee when working at Japan

  • We will help customer find good Vietnamese candidate who want to work at Japan. Besides that, it help to solve current problem such as bad candidate.

Study abroad consultants

Introduce Vietnamese student to professional school or university which accept international students

  • We will introduce student to School or University which accept international student.

Towards company which is looking to invest in Vietnam

We will propose the plan to invest Vietnam with the lowest risk and reasonable.

Support investment in Vietnam


Such as established branch, licensing representative office, business registration, investment certificated…

Offshore (business contract between Nippon Express)

  • Help your business to hire Vietnamese workers with lack of risky without needing to set up an office or legal entity in Vietnam. We have experience in the field of IT, design, product control.

Visit Vietnam

  • We will be happy to help customer organize their trip to desire location: representative office, local factory…