ALGORITHM ENGINEER Mã tuyển dụng:31003

Mô tả công ty We focus on digital transformation for the Japanese construction industry and beyond, the global construction industry.

Loại công việc Công nghệ thông tin - IT
Nội dung công việc 【Business Overview】

Research and development of core technologies such as global SaaS systems.

【Business Detail】

You will be responsible for the research and development of the core technology to be integrated into our in-house R&D products related to plant/construction industry.

Specifically, you will develop algorithms to realize optimal routes and optimal placement that meet complex business constraints.

[Development System]

• Framework: Unity3D, .NET 4.x

• IDE: JetBrains Rider

• OS:Windows、macOS

• Languages: C#, C++, Batch files, Shell scripts

• DB: SQLite, PostgreSQL

• Version control: GIT

• Software such as Unity 3D are used for development.
Kỹ năng cần thiết • Algorithm design and development experience

• Development experience using C#

• Development experience using .Net

• Able to use Japanese JLPT N2.

• Nice to have

• Advanced mathematics knowledge such as optimization and graph theory

• Experience in thesis writing
Ngoại ngữ (1) Tiếng Nhật:Trung cấp kinh doanh
Ngoại ngữ (2)
Nơi làm việc TP HCM,Hà Nội
Mức lương 45,000,000 ~ 90,000,000 VND
Ghi chú
Ngày đăng 07/06/2023
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Hotline: (028) 3827 7550 hoặc (028) 3822 2088