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TG VINA ARKS is a consultant recruitment website, career counseling,employment for Japanese companies.

TG VINA ARKS website is provided HR, careers, employment for Japanese firms for those who wish to work in Japan corporate.
Our website will post more positions as: Business, finance, accounting, human resources, general affairs, secretary, translation, IT, Engineering, Web developer... Job Seekers do not worry because will not lose any expenses.

TG VINA ARKS will give you the benefits:

  • 1You will receive a free consultation related to job search and job skills assessment, job suitability.
  • 2Strict confidentiality should be able to move on even when working.
  • 3There are recruitment information is not widely reported.
  • 4Our team of professional consultants will support in the form suitable for each object.
  • 5There is detailed information about the business and the motto of the hiring company.
  • 6Support work for companies with foreign investment, Japanese first
  • 7Support the work overseas

If you want to get a job in a Japanese company, first you should search a suitable job and please register to get to this site.
Besides, more detailed information, when you log in it will be posted on this site.